The more things change

There is an old adage: “The more things change, ┬áthe more they stay the same.”

It has been a tumultuous political season, and in a more robust, fervent, and brazen way than many of us remember. Ever.

Yet if one takes a look through the history books, one sees similar episodes in national and world history that bear striking similarities. Can one imagine the tone the politics took during the Civil War? We still bear the after effects, don’t we? The Revolutionary War. The Napoleonic War. Any time conflict has been on the national radar, people have taken sides, taken arms, taken offense. It’s the same story, clothed in more modern style.

One can take heart that the people in our communities retain the same human faces, the same neighborly countenance. Reaching out to strengthen the bonds in our own neighborhoods is the best way to weather political storms. Regardless of the changing political winds, our communities will stay right here. And that brings some comfort.

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