Towns in the Columbia Gorge

Map of the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge area encompasses an 80+ mile stretch that borders one river (the Columbia) and includes two states (Oregon and Washington), two Cascade mountains (Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams), six counties and several communities.

The counties and communities are listed below:


Wasco County: The Dalles, Mosier, Dufur, Tygh Valley, Wamic, Maupin
Hood River County: Hood River, Cascade Locks, Odell, Parkdale, Mount Hood
Multnomah County: Corbett, Troutdale, Portland


Klickitat County: Goldendale, Dallesport, Lyle, Bingen, White Salmon
Skamania County: Stevenson, Carson, Underwood
Clark County: Camas, Washougal, Vancouver

Towns are divided by state, then listed alphabetically,  with (County) and #Zip Code. Note when mailing to small rural communities, not all have delivery mail routes. Many receive mail only at Post Office box locations.


Antelope (Wasco) 97001
Arlington (Gilliam) 97812
Biggs Junction (Sherman), USPS – use Wasco 97065
Bridal Veil (Multnomah), 97010, PO Box only
Cascade Locks (Hood River) 97014 (includes Dodson)
Corbett (Multnomah) 97019
Dee (Hood River) 97031, USPS – use Hood River
Dodson (Multnomah) 97014, USPS – use Cascade Locks
Dufur (Wasco) 97021, PO Box only
Government Camp (Clackamas) 97028 (includes Timberline Lodge)
Grass Valley (Sherman) 97029
Hood River (Hood River) 97031 (includes Dee)
Kent (Wasco) 97033 (PO Box only)
Maupin (Wasco) 97037 (includes Wapanitia)
Moro (Sherman) 97039
Mosier (Wasco) 97040
Mount Hood (Hood River) 97041, USPS – use Parkdale
Odell (Hood River) 97044
Parkdale (Hood River) 97041, (includes town of Mount Hood)
Pine Grove (Wasco) 97037
Pine Hollow (Wasco) 97037
Rufus (Sherman) 97050
Shaniko (Wasco) 97057
The Dalles (Wasco) 97058
Tygh Valley (Wasco) 97063
Wamic (Wasco) 97063
Warm Springs (Wasco / Jefferson) 97761,  USPS PO Box only
Wasco (Sherman) 97065 includes Biggs Junction


Appleton (Klickitat) 98602
Bickleton (Klickitat) 98322
Bingen (Klickitat) 98605
Carson (Skamania) 98610
Cook (Skamania) 98651 (USPS – use Underwood)
Centerville (Klickitat) 98613
Dallesport (Klickitat) 98617 (PO Box only)
Glenwood (Klickitat) 98619
Goldendale (Klickitat) 98620 (includes Maryhill)
Home Valley (Skamania) 98648 (USPS – use Stevenson)
Husum-BZ Corners (Klickitat) 98623, USPS PO Box only
Klickitat-Wahkiacus (Klickitat) 98628
Lyle (Klickitat) 98635
Maryhill (Klickitat) 98620, USPS – use Goldendale
North Bonneville (Skamania) 98639, USPS PO Box only
Roosevelt (Klickitat) 98356
Skamania (Skamania) 98648, USPS use Stevenson
Snowden 98651 (Skamania/Klickitat)
Stabler (Skamania) 98648, USPS use Stevenson
Stevenson (Skamania) 98648 (includes: Home Valley, Skamania, Stabler)
Trout Lake (Klickitat) 98650
Underwood (Skamania) 98651 (includes Cook and Willard)
White Salmon (Klickitat) 98672
Wishram (Klickitat) 98673, USPS PO Box only