Who’s a winner?

For the past few months, citizens and lovers of The Dalles have been barraging social media with hash tags and team tag posts in order to push #thedalles to number one in an effort to win the Small Business Revolution prize of Top Town for Season 5. The winner was announced at 5 pm on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. The Dalles came in at #2, losing to Fredonia, New York. While the carrot prize of a $500,000 downtown make-over would have been exciting, we’ve already won. There was a show of unity and support that was amazing to see. Every town has a group of people who believe in the vision of a better tomorrow, work to make their little corner of the world better, and put time and effort into making their town a better community for all citizens. Who’s a winner? We are! Love #thedalles, it’s a great place to live!