People make a place special. Pioneers, Warriors, Mountain Men, Floozies and Scallawags have all left their mark in the Columbia Gorge. Whether a respected Native American elder, a hard working farmer or rancher, a diligent lawman, or notorious ne’er do well, the stories of the People who have inhabited our Place of The Dalles have woven themselves indelibly into our town’s history.

Here are a few notable names. We’ll add more stories as time allows.

Ben Snipes, Northwest Cattle King

Victor Trevitt

• Thomas Condon

• N.H. Gates

• Orlando Humason

• Lulu Crandall

• Elizabeth Laughlin Lord

• Nick Sinnott and Dan Handley

• Daniel Lee and Henry Kirke White Perkins

• Chief Tommy Thompson and Flora Thompson

• Benjamin Gifford

• Daniel Norman Williams

• Jefferson Mosier

• John Frémont and Kit Carson

• Billy Chinook

• Governor Zenas Ferry Moody

• Justin Chenoweth

• Gladys Seufert

• Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho)