Want to learn more about history? Grab a book! Many of the following books are available in Columbia Gorge Libraries, however if you would rather peruse them online we’ve got links for you!

The following books are provided in downloadable PDF form for non-commercial use and research only. Many have been downloaded through Google Books. Google usage guidelines apply. Due to their age, it is believed the copyright laws on all have expired. It is up to the user to determine that.

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Wishram Language 1884, Edward Sapir

Alphabetical Vocabularies of the Chinook, George Gibbs

Alphabetical Vocabularies of the Clallalum, George Gibbs

Complete Grammar and Dictionary of the Yakama Language, Father MC Pandosy

A Dictionary of the Numípu, or Nez Perce Language,


1849 March of the Mounted Riflemen 1851 Senate Report, Major Osborne Cross

Military Road from Fort Benton to Fort Walla Walla


Wonderful Works of God, Henry Kirke White Perkins

Ten Years in Oregon, Daniel Lee, Joseph Frost

Sketches of Mission Life Among the Indians

Circuit Rider Dedication

Oregon Trail & Pioneers

The Oregon Trail 1849, Francis Parkman

Marcy Prairie Traveler 1863

Constitution and Quotations from the Journal and Register of Oregon Pioneer Association 1875

Crossing the Plains 1852, Origen Thomson, Sutherland McCoy

Emigrant’s Guide to the Western and Southwestern States and Territories 1812 , William Darby

Oregon, Its History, Condition and Prospects while connected with the Oregon Mission 1851, Rev. Gustavus Hines

Western Guide Book and Emigrant’s Dictionary 1849, Oliver G. Steele

Farmers and Emigrants Handbook 1845, Josiah T. Marshall

Ox Team Days on the Old Oregon Trail 1922, Ezra Meeker

Lois – Swiss Roots in Willard Soil: A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Willard Family at Willard, Washington,
Lois L. DeWater, Barbara Hassell

Pacific Northwest History

The Centennial History of Oregon (1811-1911),
Joseph Gaston

A History of Oregon 1792-1849, William H. Gray

History of Oregon Volume I,
Hubert Howe Bancroft, Francis Victor Fuller

History of Oregon Volume II,
Hubert Howe Bancroft, Francis Victor Fuller

History of Washington, Idaho and Montana,
Hubert Howe Bancroft, Francis Victor Fuller

Native Races, Hubert Howe Bancroft, Francis Victor Fuller

History of British Columbia, Hubert Howe Bancroft, Francis Victor Fuller