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Trevitt House

216 W. 4 th St.
Trevitt House
Historic District
Commercial District,
relocated in 2006 to
Trevitt Addition District
Year Built:
Resource No.
#1C (Commercial Dist.)
Common Name:
Trevitt House
Historic Name:
Historic Owners:
Resource Type:
Vernacular/Queen Anne/Eastlake
Previous Historic Listing:
Oregon Statewide Inventory (1976)
Current Use:
Information Source:
The Dalles Commercial Historic District National Register of Historic Places

Physical Description:

Trevitt House in 2003, while it was still located in City Park.

The house is a one and one-half story, wood frame building with clapboard siding and a gabled roof. An exterior brick chimney is on the west elevation. The eaves project slightly and are boxed. The principal façade has a front facing gable with a gable ornament. French doors, centrally located, are over the porch on the second story of the front (east) elevation. The architrave over the door is decorated with garlands and swags. A gabled dormer window on the north elevation is decorated with filigree on the end. The central window pane is surrounded with small panes of colored glass. The majority of the other windows are double-hung wood sash.

The main entrance door has leaded glass sidelights and a transom. The porch is decorated with a spindle frieze with cut-out designs, and cut-out brackets. Wood lattice covers the area under the front porch. Concrete steps lead to the wooden porch deck. The house is clad with shiplap siding. A watertable and cap extends around the perimeter of the building. Evidence of an addition is on the shout side of the house.

The building was moved to City Park from a site on Third Street in 1981, where it fell under the possession of Northern Wasco County Parks and Recreation. Concrete steps and foundation were constructed at that time. A new wood shingle roof was installed in 1996.

It was purchased in 2006 for $7 by Bev and Alan Eagy and relocated next to the Ben Snipes House at W. 216 4 th St. in the Trevitt Addition Historic District

Historical Data:

There is conflicting research as to whether Victor Trevitt occupied this house. The house is nonetheless worthy as a locally rare example of its architectural style.

Victor Trevitt (1827-1883) laid out a portion of The Dalles townsite known as Trevitt’s Addition in c. 1860. Trevitt came to The Dalles in 1854 and filed a donation land claim on June 18, 1855 about 15 miles southeast of the present downtown. He also ran the Trevitt and Crown Saloon. Trevitt was elected state representative to the legislature in 1858 and appointed a member of The Dalles City Council in 1859. He also served as a state senator from 1868 to 1872.

According to local historian Lulu Crandall (deceased), Victor Trevitt lived at 507 West Third Street until 1868 when he sold the property. This was the same year he started serving as a Wasco County Senator in the state legislature. It is not known where Victor Trevitt lived after he moved from West Third. Some long-time residents state that the house now located at W. 216 W. 4 th St. was Victor Trevitt’s residence.

According to the deed research, the lot where the house was located was only owned by Victor Trevitt for a short period of time. From 1861 to 1868, Trevitt slowly sold off all the lots in Block 1 of Trevitt’s Addition. This block included the house now known as the Trevitt house. Although not an owner, Trevitt may have rented the house.

Source: The Dalles Commercial Historic District National Register of Historic Places, District Update 1997; Prepared for The City of The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon; by Donovan & Associates, Hood River, Oregon; August 1997.

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